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As for me, I am 29 years old!

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It was introduced in restaurant R of the magic!

King-emon dotonbori was introduced in “restaurant R of the magic” of the broadcast on October 27! Maki Mizuno, Taiyo Sugiura came and had you introduce a shop(^^)♪ Other people concerned, thank you! The limited menu “Dotonbori jelly black made with a boiled dish in a teapot” which had you introduce me in a program Because it becomes the limited menu until from November 1 to November 30, please appreciate it by all means at this opportunity. We sell limited menu “Pumpking” until from October 28 to October 31 this year! Because it is a Halloween-limited menu, please appreciate this by all means! ※Because both are 20 meals-limited a day, so …


I did cherry-blossom viewing in Dotonbori store members!

We did cherry-blossom viewing near a shop on April 9! In a park of kozu from 8:00 a.m. In members of king emon dotonbori. Open sushi from morning; and noisily!!


I attended at the Kansai wish noodles society 2013 winter camp!

I attended at the Kansai Bomenkai in Taiseikaku on Saturday, November 16!! It is the second at this time. I was able to talk about only a ramen shop, a blogger of the ramen enthusiast, a supplier, a little played a splendid role, Study is very the (^^) truth that became, good experience! ! I will become the man who is BIG! ! After Bomenkai, I came to the Mentasista in the case of Daniel. Shellfish soba was delicious.


I went to the Kansai wish noodles society on July 7, 2013.

I participated in Kansai wish noodles party for the first time yesterday. In participants more than 200, I did business card exchange to various people. It was shyness, but I talked with many celebrity ramen storekeepers, bloggers, suppliers, people concerned and had a valuable experience considerably. In addition, thank you when I have you hand over Kanemoto of Hanshin Tigers (Japanese pro baseball team) with the premium of the lottery. I display it in the shop so good! In King-emon members, Mentasista Daniel Nobai, I pass afterwards. Wonderful woman Ms. Yun,  which I did nonchalantly. Still, it is Sunday for the hangover. Drowsiness was dangerous. Of the mall took a picture relaxedly …



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