King-emon dotonbori was introduced in “restaurant R of the magic” of the broadcast on October 27!

Maki Mizuno, Taiyo Sugiura came and had you introduce a shop(^^)♪

Other people concerned, thank you!

The limited menu “Dotonbori jelly black made with a boiled dish in a teapot” which had you introduce me in a program Because it becomes the limited menu until from November 1 to November 30, please appreciate it by all means at this opportunity.

We sell limited menu “Pumpking” until from October 28 to October 31 this year! Because it is a Halloween-limited menu, please appreciate this by all means!

※Because both are 20 meals-limited a day, so please call early!

We wait for the visit of all of you than all the staff, a heart!