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Basic ramen of King emon


Menu list of noodles

【Body considerable in spite of being light soy sauce!】


Gold soy sauce ramen 800yen
(Dish simmered in feelings egg)

【Standard taste of our store which blended the ramen which I matched strong soy sauce with with light soy sauce moderately!】


Kurenai soy sauce ramen 800yen
(Dish simmered in feelings egg)

【Of the strong soy sauce base is smart well!】


Black soy sauce ramen 800yen
(Dish simmered in feelings egg)

【We let the flavors such as the cotton prawns of the cuttlefish work for a base and it was considerably tasteful and finished popular black soy sauce. It was chosen to soy sauce ramen of Kansai No. 1 by the ramen Grand Prix which the king ramen Four Devas chose for “Kansai one week” in 2007.】


Osaka Black 850yen
(Dish simmered in feelings egg)

【I let the taste of the shellfish including the dried small sardines of a persimmon and the short-necked clam work for a base Osaka black、 I finished it to first-class soy sauce ramen.】


Naniwa black 900yen
(Dish simmered in feelings egg)

※※Only Dotombori store has limited sale ramen! It is not eaten in the others.


 topping(new)・Dish simmered in feelings egg, a leek is rather much, a sungan is rather much,a judas-ear,a kimchi ・・・ various 100 yen

・Roasted pork fillet 300yen・Circle bowels hormone 300yen



Fried Chicken

karaagejpgWe sell the fried chicken in king-emon-dotonbori. Because the take-out is possible, please appreciate it once by all means♪

Each kind of the drink

・Soft drinks various 200 yen・Draft beer (Asahi Super Dry) 450yen・Chu-Hi various 400 yen


Happy hour

Weekdays limitation! A happy hour without passing over!

Lunchtime menu (until weekdays from 11:00 to 14:30)

lunch(en_ch)2Because you become very advantageous, please use it by all means!

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